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What will YOU do to unlock innovation?  In today's fast-paced world, innovation might not be enough. Tomorrow's pioneers of change will also need to be agile, able to adapt, and committed like never before.  I'm your host, Sannah Vinding, and I invite you to listen-in, as we harness the "power of many" to create tomorrow's successes.  We'll ask business leaders from around the world to share their visions for success and how we can all use their strategies to emerge as victorious in tomorrow's business challenges. 
A strategy process is the perfect vehicle to shape culture
September 14, 2021 • 33 MIN
Many leaders struggle with strategy. Understanding the key steps in strategy implementation is critical to being a successful and effective leader within your company. In this episode, we have guest Alex Brueckmann, ESG Advocate, Business Strategist, Board Advisor & Author. Alex Brueckmann talks about why it is important to understand the need for change and being able to manage change and how this is an important ingredient in any strategy process. He also talks about that there is no better way to shape a company's culture than through a rigorous strategy process. "If you want to design and implement strategy, you need what we call strategic acumen, the ability to think and act strategically." Alex Brueckmann
How Does Lean Construction Help Companies Become More Efficient?
August 31, 2021 • 32 MIN
What is Lean Construction? The main difference between lean construction and traditional approaches is that lean construction looks for opportunities to improve efficiency rather than just trying to reduce cost. In this episode, we have guest John Zachara, Vice President at Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc, Lean coach, and also an active member of the Lean Construction Institute Chicago Community of Practice. John Zachara talks about how to start with lean construction, the eight waste of construction, and being able to communicate and deliver on expectations is a key to success. "Lean Construction is really about how do we do things, how do we build in this industry in a more efficient manner." John Zachara #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #innovation #unlockinnovation #keeplearning  #learnwithsannah #leanconstruction #leadership #management #lean #agile #eightwaste
KPIs have not evolved, the way we use KPI's has evolved
August 17, 2021 • 32 MIN
What are KPIs and what do they mean and how can you use them to improve performance? First of all, KPIs are not targets to be hit, they help you identify areas where improvements need to be made so you can focus your efforts accordingly. In this episode, we have guest Jeff Smith, Motivational Speaker & Virtual Broadcaster on Advanced Leadership for KPI and Business Management at Jeff-Smith.com. Jeff Smith talks about how key performance indicators are not measuring people, they're measuring activities, and life is about cause and effect. If you don't like the effects in your life, you have to change the causes. He also explains the difference between baseline and benchmarking and how baseline gives us insights. "I don't think KPI has evolved. I think the way we use KPI has evolved that that's the thing. So they've always been there. We just make other people aware that they exist" Jeff Smith #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #innovation #unlockinnovation #keeplearning  #learnwithsannah #KPI #leadership #SannahUnlocksInnovation
If you're only trying things that succeed  You're not going to innovate
August 3, 2021 • 32 MIN
Why is agile important for a learning organization? Agile is about teaching the mindset that we are always questioning what we are doing. In this episode, we have guest who is the Chief Principal Consultant at Solid Reason and also the founder of "agile club'. Ricardo Liberato talks about being agile, how agility is the key to innovation, and how failures are a learning journey that feeds and creates a learning and innovative organization. Ricardo also talks about how important it is to be exposed to things that are happening outside the organization, a way to do this is by being part of a community. When you join communities, you are exposed to all levels of diversity and this is where you learn and get inspired. "It's all about being able to think about what you want to do, work on it as a team, reflect on what you did, have psychological safety to bring out the best in everyone that is in your team." Ricardo Liberato #mindtheinnovation #unlockinnovation #innovation #podcast #sannahvinding #keeplearning #lean #agility #learnwithsannah #sannahunlocksinnovation
The importance of being a people-centric organization
July 20, 2021 • 20 MIN
How do you build a people-centric culture? you start with aligning with people's values. The culture is the secret sauce and it is unique for every business - it's all about fostering a culture where the employees feel valued and engaged. In this episode, we have guest Jared Allmond, who is a culture collaborator and partners with HR and L&D professionals to ethically and safely strengthen culture. He is a compliance solutions account executive at Skillsoft. Jared Allmond talks about why culture matters to organizations and why it's important for employees to see the core values being lived, and not just talk about them. He also talks about how organizations that are people-centric are succeeding by being involved in employees resource groups where the employees now have an opportunity to be heard, valued, and engaged. "Organizations that understand the value in having a true chief people officer and giving them true autonomy to lead that component of the business are the ones that are going to be really, really successful in future work." Jared Allmond #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #unlockinnovation #keeplearning #continuouslearning #culture #corevalues #peoplecentric
Coach or mentor? You need both.
July 6, 2021 • 26 MIN
Encouraging coaching and mentorship are key components when managing modern employees. The right skills play a critical role in driving future success and it is all about asking the right questions, empower employees, provide feedback, know each individual's strengths and be a great listener. Coach to inspire — and to learn. In this episode, we have guest Andy Skipper, founder and chief of CTO coach. Andy Skipper talks about how he started coaching people outside of the companies that he was working with and that drew him into coaching as a professional. As a mentor he brings his own experience and the benefit of his own 'CTO scars' and then he coaches to unlock leadership potential through goal setting, asking the right questions, improving communication, and boost self-awareness. "As a mentor, you bring your own experience and you give them the benefit of your scars" Andy Skipper. #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #innovation #unlockinnovation #keeplearning  #mentor #coach #community
How a Lean-Agile Mindset and Practices can Improve Your Product Development Outcome
June 22, 2021 • 26 MIN
How can you radically reduce idea-to-market cycle times? How do you build sustainable, profitable growth for the business through better product development and the elimination of waste? Learn more about lean/agile methodology and why lean product development is not about cost reduction. In this episode, we have guest Steve Stucky, Agile/Lean Product Development Coach and also the president of the Minneapolis Chapter PDMA. Steve Stucky talks about Lean-Agile methodology and how he employs a multi-layer approach to improve product development focusing on changes needed at the Process, Practice, and Pipeline layers. He shares his holistic approach on how the Lean-Agile methodology incorporates elements of both continuous delivery and continuous improvement, optimized across the entire value stream. Steve Stucky has more than +30 years of product development experience within the industrial manufacturing and medical device industry. He is known for improving product development performance, driving organic growth, and building highly effective teams. He is an Agile/Lean Product Development Coach and also the president of the Minneapolis Chapter PDMA. "There's a lot of waste in most business's product development practices, and it's about focusing on how to make sure that teams can deliver what's important for the business in a shorter cycle time than they were able to do today." Steve Stucky
Failing fast is a great thing, but fail forward - so that you're moving
June 8, 2021 • 26 MIN
What is the secret sauce for a successful product launch? The secret is to create a knowledge-intensive company where there is a dynamic between knowledge creation and knowledge sharing across the entire company. Listen to Sudhanshu Srivastava talk about how to develop a product mindset with a joint responsibility throughout the company. He talks about how important it is that we all are responsible for the success of the product, which translates into business success, which also translates into customer success. Sudhanshu Srivastava is an accomplished product and customer executive. Sudhanshu is the business owner of Navikarna that focuses on business agility coaching and customer success. Previously he was the VP of customer success at SAP focusing on driving people transformation together with building an organization. "You have to adapt the way it works for your team. And this is about the team making that decision. So once they start taking the decision, the skin is getting into the game and then they start changing. And it is a slow process. But that's the transformation. and that's the victory" Sudhanshu Srivastava.
Don't be afraid to adapt and adjust your methods of learning.
May 25, 2021 • 57 MIN
How can decision making and problems solving skills be improved? What is sense-making teaching/learning and can it helps us to solve problems better? Learn how to help your people work together more effectively by changing your way of teaching. In this episode, we have guest Fred Leland, director and Principal Trainer for Law Enforcement & Security Consulting (LESC). Fred Leland talks about the difference in teaching stimulus responses vs sense-making. He shares his journey on how he ended up reshaping his methods of teaching -  instead of teaching how to think and do,  he now teaches how to actually think and how to solve the problems. The goal is to get individuals to make better decisions and handle dynamic problems better. Fred Leland is the director and Principal Trainer for Law Enforcement & Security Consulting (LESC). Fred is a retired Lieutenant and he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 216, where he specialized in terrorism related topics, leadership, and management. "I think when we learn to develop and teach people how to think right and how to do it,  instead of telling them what to think and what to do - this is a big step in the right direction" Fred Leland.
How to think outside of your own experiences
May 11, 2021 • 26 MIN
What are the tools you teach people about how to think? How do you get teams to work together collaboratively on learning? It's really hard. Every high-performing team goes through cycles of growth and development and what really matters is how the team thinks and acts together. In this episode, we have guest Terry Barnhart, Novartis Global Organizational Development Team. Terry Barnhart talks about how to watch and create change in an organization in order for that organization to do better for the people in the organization. Terry Barnhart an expert in delivering operational, cultural, and innovation transformations to multi-national companies. He is part of Novartis Global Organizational Development Team. "If we can't get out of the straitjacket mental models. Then we can't innovate. That's the thing that's holding you back." Terry Barnhart
Let Go and Stay Curious so You Can Ask the Good Questions
April 28, 2021 • 28 MIN
How good is your company at problem-solving? Learn more about how LEGO serious play works as a catalyst and can improve the implementation of a lean management system in your organization. The lean mindset is effective in any process-driven environment whether it's in the delivery of a service or a product. In this episode, we have guest Paul Dunlop, Principal of Dunlop Consultant. Paul Dunlop talks about removing fear from the environment and legitimately tapping into that conversation around how can we make things better and not talk about the bottleneck of perfection. Paul Dunlop is the Principal of Dunlop Consultant, and are supporting organizations and individuals to go from chaos to calm productivity "I wanted people to be able to make decisions, to be empowered, to have that permission, and for the process to be robust that I could walk away." Paul Dunlop
Marketing Innovation - the Business Side of Innovation
April 20, 2021 • 34 MIN
Many companies are making poor decisions in their marketing messaging, which leads to terrible outcomes. Understanding both the sales and marketing side as well as the technology side can lead to better Solutions and Innovation. In this episode, we have guest David Shiller, President of Lighting Solution Development. David Shiller talks about how the manufacturing industry was forced to rethink its sales and marketing strategy due to the pandemic and how to build a digital marketing strategy by focusing on very specific Target audiences and messaging. David Shiller is the president of Lighting Solution Development, a consulting company providing product and business development for the advanced lighting industry. "The marketing department speaks as the company salesman speaks as a human being and people are much more interested in interacting with human beings thing," David Shiller Mind The Innovation Podcast with Sannah Vinding
What Is the Secret of Amazon's Huge Success?
April 6, 2021 • 44 MIN
Why is amazon one of the most successful companies worldwide and what innovation strategies drive their ongoing quest to become the most customer-centric company?  Amazon has mastered the art of innovation on a massive scale by becoming a massive cluster of highly innovative and driven teams.  In this episode, we have guest Robin Gaster, President of Incumetrics Inc. Robin Gaster talks about how he believes that Amazon is the most innovative big company on the planet. Robin Gaster is the President of Incumetrics and Visiting Scholar at George Washington University Institute for Public Policy, and the author of the highly anticipated book, Behemoth – Amazon Rising: Power and Seduction in the Age of Amazon. "Amazon has these teams and they have built an ecosystem and a culture that is constantly, proactively seeking to improve outcomes for customers." Robin Gaster. Mind The Innovation Podcast with Sannah Vinding
A World of Thinking and Learning
March 28, 2021 • 49 MIN
What is learning? Learning is processing information to the extent that. you are mastering it and can apply it in any way. Companies will need to rethink how work is organized within their organization and the change will require redesigned business processes and a new focus on the talent they have—and the talent they need. The evolving development of skill sets in a company is the most critical avenue the company faces because, without the right skills and the right people, a company will not succeed. In this episode, we have guest Chaim Guggenheim, Co-Founder, and CEO at Stealth L&D Start-Up. Listen to Chaim Guggenheim talk about learning, skill sets, micro-skilling, and how to teach people to learn. Chaim Guggenheim is an economist and cognitive specialist he has a deep knowledge of corporate structures and uses learning and critical thinking to advance organizations' missions and performance. "What is learning? Learning is processing information to the extent that. you are mastering it and can apply it in any way." Chaim Guggenheim Mind The Innovation Podcast with Sannah Vinding
The Role of Leadership in Changing Organizational Culture
March 13, 2021 • 39 MIN
Every employee impacts an organization's direction, but leadership has by far the largest and most direct effect on company culture. At the end of the day, leaders are the ones who can make or break it, the choices they make impacts employees engagement, and performance which in the end will influence the business results and performance. In this episode, we have guest Jeff Hastie, Founder, and President at Learn-Apply-Lead. It’s one thing to say it. It’s another thing to see it in action. Listen to Jeff Hastie and learn from his 19 years of experience at Bose, where he developed a systematic approach to solutions development and change adoption for Bose. "So the world keeps changing and getting more complex. And if you don't bring your people in your capability, your systems management systems along to compensate for that, you will not be able to keep up." Jeff Hastie
How to drive digital innovation across  businesses, departments, borders, and cultures.
February 21, 2021 • 24 MIN
Digital transformation is driving business innovation in many industries, and many companies are failing to actually take the leap and digitalize their communication with their customers, partners, and even within their own organization. Driving digital innovation is hard work and is not all about technology. In this episode, we have guest Charlotte Nytoft, Founder and owner of CNR Consulting. Listen to Charlotte Nytoft and learn more about how to drive digital innovation across businesses, departments, borders, and cultures. "Digitalization can lead to process innovation and efficiency by simplifying the way information is accessed" Charlotte Nytoft.
The importance of accepting the early stages of innovation
February 9, 2021 • 18 MIN
The value of digital data collection is on everybody's mind and there are a lot of benefits of how data collection and innovation can increase project productivity and efficiency. It has never been more important than now to begin your company’s digital data collection. If executed correctly, it drives efficiency and transparency. In this episode, we have guest Louise Them Kjølholm, Chief Advisor Environmental & Social Risk at EKF. Listen to the podcast with Louise Them Kjølholm and learn more about a newly developed assessment tool enabling project efficiency, project transparency (for users and stakeholders), which has initiated the digital data collection journey. "I have a passion for innovation because I love to improve processes in order to achieve better results" Louise Them Kjølholm.
The process is easy, it's the people part that is the difficult one.
January 17, 2021 • 20 MIN
This podcast episode features Norbert Majerus, Business Owner & Retired from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co When working with lean product development in R&D, the process is easy, it's the people part that is the difficult one. You get benefits from a lean transformation, but if you don't get the whole organization engaged you won't succeed. Those benefits go up exponentially if you get everybody engaged.
It's all about the people - become better problem solvers
December 20, 2020 • 21 MIN
With lean we talk about that we want things to be simple. You are making things easier for people, either making it easier for your customer or the work easier for your employees or you're making it easier for people to grow and learn. So it's always about: can you make things better for people? In this episode, we have guest Bella Englebach, Lead Consultant at Lean for Humans. In the end: it's all about the people - become better problem solvers
Passion for lean product development
November 27, 2020 • 15 MIN
This episode features Bob Melvin, Vice President of Engineering at Teledyne Marine Systems. Here, he shares his passion for lean and how he started practicing lean product development principles early on in his career and didn’t know back then that it was called lean.